November 14, 2022

Kick Big Polluters Out

RLS’s International Climate Justice Program has been supporting a coalition of over 450 civil society organizations to raise awareness on and demand action against the corporate influence of fossil fuel companies over the climate talks. 636 fossil fuel lobbyists have been registered to the COP27 meetings this year, affiliated with some of the world’s biggest polluting oil and gas giants. This is an increase of over 25% from COP26, showing a rise in the influence of the fossil fuel industry at the climate talks that are already rife with accusations of civil society censorship and corporate influence.

Civil society is demanding that: Big Polluters must not be granted access to climate policymaking; an end to Big Polluter partnership or sponsorships of climate talks or climate action; equitable, meaningful inclusion of important stakeholders such as frontline communities, the climate justice movement and civil society; transformative system change to take on the climate crisis. 

Check out this new website and learn more about why the UNFCCC needs to #KickBigPollutersOut if it’s serious about delivering Climate Action.