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Global Solidarity

On the Precipice: A Progressive Agenda in the Biden Era

On the eve of the inauguration of Joe Biden, we at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – New York commissioned a series of reports on key political issues. We wanted to hear how experts feel the Biden administration might address these issues and better understand how receptive the incoming administration is to a progressive agenda, and know on what issues progressives will have to continue to put pressure. You can read the complete series below.

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U.S.-China: Progressive Internationalist Strategy Under Biden

A progressive internationalist alternative to the escalating U.S.–China conflict requires a transformation of the global system as a whole. To succeed, progressive forces in the U.S. must continue on a path toward taking political power, but we must also significantly strengthen our thinking on foreign affairs. The internationalist dimension of progressive politics remains worryingly weak and has not yet produced a coherent approach to a wide range of difficult questions concerning China that are unfamiliar even to most internationalists in the U.S.

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Global Solidarity

The US-China Trade War

President Donald Trump started a trade war with China and is now using his supposed success in the trade war as a central theme in his 2020 reelection campaign. The recently concluded “Phase One” trade agreement with China marks a temporary truce. The US will now reduce some of its tariffs in exchange for China […]

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Global Solidarity

Party of One

China’s Unique Position in the Global World Order For more than three decades, China’s remarkable economic boom has been reshaping the world. Despite a recent slowdown, this transformation continues to fascinate, and observers have offered numerous interpretations of what it means for China, its neighbors, and the world. Does China offer an alternative model of […]