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The Operationalisation of a Fit for Purpose Santiago Network for Loss and Damage: An African Perspective

. This brief draws on examples of loss and damage throughout Africa as well as the submissions from African Parties to suggest how the Santiago Network can be fit for purpose and urgently operationalised to provide support to address the needs on the ground in African and other vulnerable developing countries.

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Climate Justice

Living with Climate Change in Farmworker Communities

The nation’s farmworkers should be recognized as a valuable skilled workforce, able to use their knowledge to innovate sustainable practices. These photographs show the lives of farmworker communities in the southern San Joaquin Valley as they deal with the impact of climate change, poverty and displacement.

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Demand Everything: Joe Biden and the Portal to a Green New Deal

The defeat of the climate-denier-in-chief has opened up a chance of survival against climate chaos. Biden’s first months will determine just what the odds are. Movements can leverage even small concrete victories in this critical window to widen the possibility for wholescale economic and political transformation. For many communities failure in the next few years is not an option. In the words of Rosa Luxemburg, the world is at the crossroads of socialism or barbarism. And in the case of the climate crisis, it is ecological justice or death.

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Climate Justice

Climate Change Displacement Map of New York City

The New York City Climate Change Displacement Map is a large-format poster with information about two of the greatest contributors to the displacement of communities in New York City—climate change and gentrification.

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Climate Justice

Apart, Together.

Introducing a collective project, led by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s New York and Brussels offices, which asserts that climate and COVID-19 represent two sides of the same crisis, and that they must now be addressed together.

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