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Only People Power Can Save the Climate

If COP27 is to deliver what our planet needs, the capitalist agenda must be disrupted, including the call that Global North countries pay their climate debt and deliver their fair share of climate action.

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Climate Justice

Video: TUED Global Forum: After COP26, What’s Next?

One month after COP26, members of Trade Unions For Energy Democracy (TUED) discuss the outcomes of meetings and events in Glasgow. TUED unions and allies were able to advance the narrative of the need for public ownership and democratic control of energy. In this video, TUED reports back on the messages heard in Glasgow from trade unionists […]

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Climate JusticeUnited Nations

Video: COP26 Post-Mortem Talk Show

After more than a year’s delay due to COVID, COP26 has taken place in Glasgow, Scotland, from October 30–November 13 COP26. This big political moment is where all countries’ national climate plans must start to be implemented and the Paris Agreement (which was agreed in 2015) begins to be enacted in earnest. As the COP26 […]

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