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The Democrats’ Super Tuesday: Before, During and After

What started with 24 candidates had dwindled to only a handful by Super Tuesday. Now the race is between Biden, the pick of the party’s centrist leadership, and Sanders, an insurgent leftist. After Biden’s win in the Michigan primary, the party’s leadership is faced with a new challenge: whether to negotiate terms of cooperation, or try to isolate the left from the July convention and the campaign.

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Transatlantic Left Voices

Left Democrats in Search of Anti-Trump Strategy

Last weekend, the Congressional Progressive Caucus met for its annual strategy conference in Baltimore. For the first time, a delegation of European left-wing parties organized by the New York office of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung attended the summit.

Transatlantic Left Voices

Crashing the Party: Democrats, Republicans, and the Crisis of U.S. Politics

The closest commentator that the contemporary United States has to Mark Twain, satirist and television host Bill Maher, surveyed the sorry state of American politics midway through the 2016 election season and declared, “Our system sucks. The Constitution needs a Page One rewrite.” As Twain did in the 19th century, when he exposed the excesses […]

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