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Global Solidarity

Demystifying Degrowth

No longer confined to the realms of academia and bad-faith strawman arguments, Demystifying Degrowth will welcome a whole new generation of degrowthers to the movement. Tyberg and Jung clarify what degrowth is, what it isn’t, and provide a framework for conversations about degrowth. Fulfilling a much needed need, Tyberg and Jung set the record straight on degrowth in an accessible and welcoming way.

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Global Solidarity

Platform Cooperativism

Challenging the Corporate Sharing Economy The “sharing economy” wasn’t supposed to be this way. Aided by the tiny computers most of us carry with us all day, every day, we would be free from the burdens of ownership and making money in our spare time by renting out our unused possessions. The vison was—or at […]

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Global Solidarity

Left Response to the Crisis in Europe and North America

At a panel discussion in Toronto, Canada, in December 2011, Albert Scharenberg, Co-Director of the New York Office of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, discusses the Left’s weaknesses in view of the economic crisis.

Transatlantic Left Voices

Crisis and Socialist Perspectives

At a RLS conference in Berlin, David Harvey, professor of geography at the City University of New York, talks about the question of a collective response to the economic crisis and the possibility of “unity in difference.”