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Global Solidarity

On the Precipice: A Progressive Agenda in the Biden Era

On the eve of the inauguration of Joe Biden, we at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – New York commissioned a series of reports on key political issues. We wanted to hear how experts feel the Biden administration might address these issues and better understand how receptive the incoming administration is to a progressive agenda, and know on what issues progressives will have to continue to put pressure. You can read the complete series below.

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The High Stakes of Defending Public Education

This article is part of our series “On the Precipice: A Progressive Agenda in the Biden Era.” Download a PDF of the full series here. The past four years of the Trump administration’s multi-pronged attempts to hollow out public education—through changes in the tax code, the expansion of markets through choice policies and voucher-schemes, attacks on […]

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Transatlantic Left Voices

The Risks of Online Radicalization in the COVID-19 Era

Within the span of a few weeks, the social and academic lives of over 91% of the world’s youth have been completely upended, as 1.5 billion students’ schools have closed, leading to an unprecedented shift in youth online engagement. In the U.S. alone, over 55 million children now spend much of their days online in […]

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Global Solidarity

Why U.S. Teachers Are on Strike: And How They’re Winning

In this new piece for RLS–NYC, labor columnist Kim Kelly presents us with a recap of the recent upsurge of protests that are sweeping the American education system in many states, gaining victories for workers and support from communities. According to the author, 2019 it’s already proving to be an incredibly important year for organized labor in the US. By fighting so hard for themselves and for future generations, America’s teachers have shown the rest of the labor movement—and the world—that there is still great power in a union, and we are always stronger together.

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