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Europe, but Different

With the European project mired in crisis, fundamental changes are needed to bolster social policy and protect workers.

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Northern Lights? Nordic Lessons for the Just Transition

For many, Scandinavia is synonymous with social democracy, high union density, public ownership, and progressive governments inclined to climate action and sustainable policies. A recent study tour to Norway and Denmark, hosted by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s New York and Brussels offices, found that both countries still struggle with entrenched interests – local and international – holding back a genuine “just transition”.

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Sending Arms or Twisting Arms: The U.S. Role in the Ukraine War

U.S. policy on Ukraine is not without divisions—within the administration, in Congress, and in the population at large. So far, however, these differences of opinion have had no major impact on administration policy. If the war continues into the 2024 election season, however, the Biden administration will face increasing calls from Republicans and a Republican voter base to reduce support for Kyiv.

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A Love-Hate Relationship: Far-right parties and the European Union

The European right is gaining strength: Marine Le Pen has turned the Front National into France’s strongest party; Victor Orbán subdues Hungary and closes off the country’s borders against refugees; Heinz-Christian Strache’s Freedom Party of Austria—with their anti-foreigner rhetoric—obtained “fantastic” results; and Frauke Petry has already led the Alternative for Germany in some states to […]

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The Finance-Dominated Regime of Accumulation and the Crisis in Europe

There is no consensus among the ruling classes on the correct way to deal with the current crisis or, more broadly, how to continue with the project of European integration. Should the euro be defended, or would it be better to split up the eurozone or give up the euro completely? Will austerity policies help […]

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The Left in Europe

The political spectrum on the left is, if nothing else, characterized by its diversity—in a positive and negative way. This statement can also be made for European leftist parties. Here, the spectrum ranges from newly formed parties such as Die Linke (The Left) in Germany or the Front de Gauche in France to left-green,reform-communist, and […]

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