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Cracking Cancer in East Texas

For residents of the communities within the emissions zone of petrochemical plants and many observers of the booming Texas’ petrochemical industry, the racial and economic impacts of this activity are impossible to ignore.

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Climate Justice

An Illness to One is the Concern of All

The Health Impacts of Rising Fossil Fuel Use Fossil fuels are killing us. They’re killing us directly through pollution and indirectly through climate change. Expanding use of coal, oil, and gas are driving this dual crisis. Unless we confront the extractivist and increasingly unconventional fossil fuel industry, reclaim the energy system for the public good, […]

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Global Solidarity

Recycle or Reimagine: Tracking the Direction of the U.S. Environmental Movement

As the fight against the fossil fuel industry’s energy agenda unfolds, the strength and ingenuity of alternative organizations could determine whether or not the mainstream environmental movement will re-consider current strategies.

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