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Handbook‒La Pah: Lessons for Collective Action from the Fight for the Right to Housing

The activism of Madrid’s “PAH” (Platform for People Affected by Mortgages) has helped shift perceptions to see housing as an inalienable human right and demonstrated the power of collective action in the pursuit of greater social justice. It’s a model for transforming personal struggles into large, organized movements that challenge authority and wider society. This manual describes the essence of PAH and pays tribute to the platform’s history and efforts to obtain decent housing for all, targeting an international audience that views its achievements as a ray of hope. Taking a step-by-step approach fed by testimonials from PAH activists around Spain, the handbook lays out organizing methods to building a vibrant, horizontal housing movement able to transform the lives of its members. The aim is not just to prevent evictions but also to encourage collective reflection on the role of housing as a public good.

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