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More Military Money, More Problems

An organized left must take stock of strategic cleavages to push for military spending cuts in the near term, and lay the groundwork for major long-term transformation of U.S. policies away from militarism and imperial domination of the rest of the world, and toward social and ecological repair.

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Transatlantic Left Voices

Alternatives to War

Civil Conflict Resolution in the Context of International Politics Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz once wrote that, “War is just a continuation of politics by other means.” Two hundred years later, President Barack Obama said that war “is sometimes necessary”—ironically, while accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. The opinion-makers in the media rushed to […]

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Global Solidarity

Dangerous Partnership

Private Military & Security Companies and the UN An increasing number of countries are outsourcing to private companies activities that have traditionally been carried out by the state. In this process, not even the core areas of security and the military have been spared. The most notorious example of this is the Pentagon’s transfer of […]

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