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Transatlantic Left Voices

Invisible: Sex Work and Mutual Aid During COVID-19

A wild assortment of boxes and bags are spread out on my living room floor. I stumble over them as I walk through to the kitchen to turn off the screaming tea kettle. After my tea is made I settle into my place among the harm reduction supplies: needles, Narcan, five types of condoms I […]

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Global Solidarity

Solidarity, Not Charity

COVID-19 put a spotlight on the problematic intersection of capitalism, charity and food apartheid as it relates to low-income or working-class communities of color. But there are steps we can take now to build solidarity in our food system.

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Global Solidarity

NYC’s Food Crisis in Pictures

Photographer Scott Heins visited groups that are working to stem the tide of NYC’s food crisis. This photo essay shows the inspiring depth of commitment, creativity, and good humor of staff members and volunteers showed as they did all they could to help as many families as possible.

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Global Solidarity

Many Sex Workers Struggle to Stay Safe, Healthy, and Housed During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new barriers to sex workers simply to trying to provide for themselves, However, the sex work community is, and always has been, resilient.

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