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Global Solidarity

Amazon Workers Strike Back

How organizers and activists are seeking to turn the tide at the e-commerce giant The victory for the Amazon Labour Union (ALU) in the union election at the JFK8 fulfilment centre in New York represents a major success for the labour union movement within Amazon’s global network. For the first time, workers in Amazon’s most […]

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Global Solidarity

Organizing Big Tech

Tech trades on its novelty to tell us that it is a sector that we outsiders simply can’t understand. Its lack of unions is explained as a condition of that novelty, rather than a strategy for worker control that dates back before Fordism. Tech workers are told they are not workers at all, but it is precisely the breadth of these companies that proves this is a lie: after all, warehouse workers and autoworkers have long been unionized, and they too fall within the umbrella of “tech” these days.

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Global Solidarity

Digital Organizing Isn’t as Straight Forward as it Seems

Digital organizing has become the hot new thing in unionization campaigns. Digital mobilization and engagement technologies have become essential to winning. However, while some unions have won remarkable gains utilizing these technologies, other unions have lagged behind.

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Global Solidarity

Domestic Workers Organizing

The Convention 189 Campaign as a Mobilization Model Precarity is on the rise. Low-wage service jobs have seen a significant surge in the last years, and domestic work has become one of the largest sectors of employment in the global economy. And these household workers have been almost entirely excluded from the labor protections afforded […]

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Global Solidarity

Demand Everything: Lessons of the Transformative Organizing Model

Capitalism seems to have an endless capacity for transformation. It has survived economic collapse, world wars, social upheaval, and environmental degradation (so far, anyway). It has thrived in liberal democracies and authoritarian dictatorships. Time and again, critics of capitalism have predicted its imminent demise, and every time they have been wrong. Like a river flowing […]