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Transatlantic Left Voices

Death of a Yuppie Dream: The Rise and Fall of the Professional-Managerial Class

Saddled with tens of thousands of dollars of debt, unemployed or working part-time for not much more than minimum wage: the struggling recent college graduate has—thanks to Occupy Wall Street—become a new iconic figure on the American cultural landscape. To many it seems that an implicit promise has been broken: work hard, get an education and you will […]

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Transatlantic Left Voices

Background Notes for Death of a Yuppie Dream

By John Ehrenreich und Barbara Ehrenreich The Absorption of the Liberal Professions into Corporation-Like Enterprises During the last fifty years, rapidly accelerating in the last twenty or so, corporations (or other large institutions, such as “mega” law firms, hospitals, and universities—organized along more-or-less corporate lines and sharing corporation priorities) have come to be the employers […]

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