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United Nations

Contracting Insecurity: Private Military and Security Companies and the Future of the United Nations

The UN’s use of private military and security companies (PMSCs) is not a technical issue – it is a deeply political one. Although the UN has taken some steps to improve the selection and oversight of these companies and to make its practices more transparent, these efforts have tended to focus merely on technical issues, […]

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Global Solidarity

Video: 21st Century Mercenaries?

The Rise of Private Military and Security Companies Private Military and Security Companies: hired guns, profiting from war and conflict escalation, accountable to no one. And our governments are relying on them more and more. What can we do about it? Lou Pingeot (Author of RLS study “Dangerous Partnership,” New York) Laura Raymond (Center for […]

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Global Solidarity

Dangerous Partnership

Private Military & Security Companies and the UN An increasing number of countries are outsourcing to private companies activities that have traditionally been carried out by the state. In this process, not even the core areas of security and the military have been spared. The most notorious example of this is the Pentagon’s transfer of […]

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