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Global Solidarity

The Road Less Travelled: Reclaiming Public Transport for Climate-Ready Mobility

In this timely publication, authors Sean Sweeney and John Treat do away with some of the more persistent myths around energy and emissions trends related to transport. Focusing their analysis on passenger road transport, they make a strong case that if we want to mitigate climate change, we need to expand public transport options. Theirs is an urgent cause given the fact that, as a result of global land transport, current emissions are several times higher than the 2-3 gigatons by 2050 considered to be compatible with the Paris goal of global net zero emissions.

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Transatlantic Left Voices

Just Mobility: Post-Fossil Conversion and Free Public Transport

Car-based society has arrived at a dead end: Oil, the most important resource for car travel, is slowly but surely running out. At the same time, both the number of registered vehicles and the amount of carbon dioxide exhaust continue increasing, severely intensifying global warming and, consequently, climate change. What does the future of mobility […]

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