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Global Solidarity

Baseball Season Starts, but at What Cost?

Sports in 2020 are a complicated entity. Our natural inclination is to gravitate towards things that are familiar. Sports is certainly one of those things. But it is incredibly difficult to remove our present reality from the games we love.

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Global Solidarity

Video: Five Ring Fever

The Sochi Games and Celebration Capitalism Mega sporting events such as the Olympics are increasingly used to redevelop cities, displace populations and quash internal dissent. Meanwhile, international governing bodies like the IOC and FIFA turn blind eyes to human rights violations by host countries, instead considering only who can provide them with the best party […]

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Transatlantic Left Voices

More Than Just A Game: Champions for Justice in U.S. Sports

When people think of U.S. sports culture, social justice is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. For some it’s the drama of watching a big playoff game with friends. For others sports have been conquered by rampant commercialization. Still others see the realm of male professional sports as a bastion of racism and […]

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