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Beyond Recovery: The Global Green New Deal and Public Ownership of Energy

In the most recent Working Paper of Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, the group explores ideas about public ownership and the role of a Global Green New Deal from the left as a legitimate alternative to the current neoliberal approach to energy transition.

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Climate Justice

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy Working Paper 15

In the newest Working Paper of Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, John Treat dives deeply into the conversations around hydrogen. Treat explains the entire rainbow of colors of hydrogen, their applications and potential, and then explains why comprehensive public ownership needs to be a prerequisite before any of these conversations. Treat continues the TUED analysis […]

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Climate Justice

Preparing a Public Pathway: Confronting the Investment Crisis in Renewable Energy

Contrary to a popular narrative, the era of fossil fuels is not over yet. As the last Trade Unions for Energy Democracy Working Paper, “Energy Transition: Are We Winning?,” demonstrated, modern renewables like wind and solar are expanding, but they are not displacing coal, oil, and gas. The energy transition we need is not going […]

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Carbon Markets After Paris: Trading in Trouble

Since the early 1990s, “putting a price on carbon” has been, perhaps, the primary policy proposal for fighting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Whether through carbon taxes or cap-and-trade emissions trading schemes (ETS), proponents of carbon pricing see it as a way to guide investment toward green solutions without the need for governments […]

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Climate Justice

The Hard Facts About Coal

Why Trade Unions Should Re-evaluate their Support for Carbon Capture and Storage Much hope has been placed in carbon capture and storage (CCS). Its proponents have included trade unionists, climate scientists, environmentalists, and governments looking for a way to greatly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from burning coal and other fossil fuels. And indeed, this […]

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Climate Justice

Power to the People: Toward Democratic Control of Electricity Generation

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy’s fourth working paper. In the last years, “energy democracy” has become a part of the international trade union discourse on energy and climate change. A growing number of unions and regional bodies, like the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas, are calling for democratic control over energy, a “reclaiming” of […]

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To Frack or Not to Frack? Developing Union Perspectives and Approaches

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy’s first working paper – Depending on whom you ask, hydraulic fracturing—commonly known as “fracking”—is either the harbinger of a new era of plentiful, cheap, clean energy or a mortal threat to health, safety, and the environment. The oil and gas industries have drastically expanded their use of this controversial practice […]

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