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The Declaration of Human Rights and the Need for a Universal Enriched by Every Particular

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an instrument built through the discursive hegemony of the West. A decolonization exercise is essential to think a declaration that approaches the peripheries of the world and the experience of the peoples in struggle.

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United NationsDossiersUDHR75

Fighting Inequality: The untapped Potential of Human Rights

The “age of human rights”, says legal historian Samuel Moyn, has been “kindest to the rich”. It is hard to argue otherwise, with a staggering rise in economic inequality between the haves and have-nots coinciding with the expansion of human rights discourse over the past 50 years. This trend shows no sign of abating. Since 2020, […]

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United NationsDossiersUDHR75

Fighting for Our Rights: RLS and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

RLS needs to push for an expanded view of universal human rights and fight to make sure all human rights are respected worldwide. The legacy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not yet complete.