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Climate Justice Protesters for Loss and Damage at COP27

What Happened at COP27 on Loss and Damage and What Comes Next?

This new report unpacks COP27’s outcomes on issues related to Loss and Damage and ways forward as we look to SB58 and COP28.

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Kick Big Polluters Out

The International Climate Justice Program supports a civil society coalition to demand action against the corporate influence of fossil fuel companies over the climate talks.

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Climate Justice Protestors hold a placard that reads: "Loss and Damage. Finance Now!"

No Chance of Romance Without Climate Finance

The success of addressing the climate crisis is dependent on developed and developing nations understanding and cooperating closely with each other. Granted, this relationship has never been harmonious, but the chasm becomes particularly pronounced during UN climate change negotiations. To the impartial observer there appears no love lost between developed and developing nations.

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The Loss and Damage Negotiations Under the UNFCCC

This policy brief looks at the key outcomes on Loss and Damage from the SB 56 intersessional and articulates the expectations for an ambitious outcome on the road to and at COP 27. It also provides a set of recommendations for what should be achieved at the conference in order to develop a roadmap for meeting the needs on the ground in vulnerable developing countries.

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On the Road to COP27: Stockholm +50 and the Intersessional Climate Talks

Adrián Martínez Blanco, the Director and founder of La Ruta del Clima, recently attended two key climate-related UN meetings: Stockholm +50 and the Intersessional climate talks of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). He shared his perspective of the relevance and outcomes of these meetings from a Latin American civil society perspective. Adrian, […]

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