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Transatlantic Left Voices

Rebirth of the U.S. Labor Movement?

Organized labor has been on the move. Will it be able to change class relations?

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Climate Justice

Sustainable Work and Just Transition

In this new report published by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Geneva Office, author Dario Azzellini analyzes transition policies and the labor movement in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Spain, Poland, Colombia, Mexico and the Philippines

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Transatlantic Left Voices Three large trucks on a snowy city street with Canadian flags attached to their fronts.

The Right Wing is Organizing in Canada. Can The Left Learn to Stop Them?

While the Canadian left remains static, the rising right has reinvented and morphed itself to appeal to diverse groups of people across the country.

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Global Solidarity

Amazon Workers Strike Back

How organizers and activists are seeking to turn the tide at the e-commerce giant The victory for the Amazon Labour Union (ALU) in the union election at the JFK8 fulfilment centre in New York represents a major success for the labour union movement within Amazon’s global network. For the first time, workers in Amazon’s most […]

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Global Solidarity

Digital Organizing Isn’t as Straight Forward as it Seems

Digital organizing has become the hot new thing in unionization campaigns. Digital mobilization and engagement technologies have become essential to winning. However, while some unions have won remarkable gains utilizing these technologies, other unions have lagged behind.

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Global Solidarity

Roll Back Low Wages: Nine Stories of New Labor Organizing in the United States

Precarity. If we were to select one word to best describe the most important current trend in the economy of the United States, “precarity” would be a leading candidate. It is now widely accepted that America’s middle class is shrinking. Recent polls suggest that possibilities for merit-based advancement are at their lowest point ever. A […]

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