May 23, 2023

The Move

The impacts of the various effects of global climate change, such as droughts, heavy precipitation, sea level rise, destruction of ecosystems, or heat waves, exacerbate prevailing crises at the local level. Agricultural lands and towns are flooded, fertile soil is degraded, water bodies are dried up, and the homes of millions of people are destroyed because of these environmental catastrophes. Furthermore, the effects of climate change frequently make it impossible to return home after the crisis subsides.

Homes, communities, and whole nation states are at the verge of disappearing. Millions who are already suffering from climate change-induced migration and resettlement, often lack representation and residency and social rights, finding themselves forced to migrate in unsafe conditions and exposed to exploitation.

This video, produced by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Manila for the Climate Migration Forum in 2019, looks into this subject from the perspective of survivors who are now climate justice advocates.