July 13, 2020

Video: 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings

Deconstructing the Myths and Promoting a Nuclear Weapons-Free & Just World

Monday, July 13, 2020—Three extraordinary speakers join RLS-NYC to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bombs and work to build a nuclear-free and just world.

  • Suichi KIDO, the General Secretary of Nihon Hidankyo, the Japan Confederaton of A- & H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations
  • Gar Alperovits, author of the definitive The Decision to Use the A-bomb
  • Rev. Liz Theoharis, Co-Chair, Poor People’s Campaign, Director of the Kairos Center for Religions, Rights and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary

Leading nuclear disarmament and justice organizations mark the 75th anniversary of the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki—crimes against humanity that must never be repeated—with an aim to:

  • Encourage solidarity actions across the United States and beyond with the Japan Council against A- & H-Bombs global peace wave;
  • Counter the dishonest propaganda that the A-bombings and sacrifices of the People of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were needed to end the Pacific War; and
  • Help build a movement that understands and opposes the illegitimate uses of state power, from police brutality and institutionalized racism, to foreign military interventions and continued preparations for nuclear annihilation.

Sponsored by American Friend Service Committee, Northeast Region; Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, Gensuikyo (Japan Council against A- & H- Bombs) Peace Action, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, United for Peace and Justice, and the Western States Legal Foundation.