November 16, 2021

Video: COP26 Post-Mortem Talk Show

After more than a year’s delay due to COVID, COP26 has taken place in Glasgow, Scotland, from October 30–November 13 COP26. This big political moment is where all countries’ national climate plans must start to be implemented and the Paris Agreement (which was agreed in 2015) begins to be enacted in earnest.

As the COP26 host country, the UK government has pressured governments and corporations to declare “Net Zero” climate targets and announce these at COP, so that the event can be portrayed as a climate success.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung had a delegation attending COP 26 and advocating for civil society, women, indigenous peoples and other marginalized groups that are too often pushed aside or outright ignored at these major, multilateral events.

The New York office of RLS brought together members of this delegation along with other experts to discuss COP26, the key outcomes and takeaways, major victories and disappointments, and thoughts around their advocacy moving forward.