12 Jan. 2021

Setting a Progressive Foreign Policy Agenda

Restoring the United States’ Standing During the Biden Administration

Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 9:00-2:15 ET

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Multilateralism and peaceful conflict resolution have been under attack by the Trump administration for the past four years, but also by far-right nationalists and populists worldwide for much longer. President-elect Joe Biden must fight these attacks and work to reconstruct the State Department and American foreign policy more broadly.

Under the Biden administration, what will the restoration of the United States’ role in a multilateral world look like? What role does the international community see for the U.S.? How will U.S. foreign policy be impacted in the long-term by the COVID-19 pandemic? How will the recent wave of global protests for racial, political and economic justice alter U.S. foreign policy? What will all of this mean for transatlantic relations and a multipolar world?

While the incoming Biden administration works to answer those questions, progressives need to figure out their own foreign policy agenda and fight for the Green New Deal, multilateralism and a more peaceful world. This work cannot be done in a vacuum, and the expertise and experience of parliamentarians and grassroots organizers from across the U.S. and the world are invaluable.

With “Setting a Progressive Foreign Policy Agenda: Restoring the United States’ Standing During the Biden Administration” Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – New York Office and the Institute for Policy Studies will bring together foreign policy experts, elected officials from U.S. and Europe, and grassroots activists to discuss the future of a progressive foreign policy. This event will create a space to exchange ideas and learn from different experts’ experience fighting for important progressive causes.

The panels and confirmed speakers include:

The State of U.S. Foreign Policy and Prospects for the Future in the COVID-19 Era (9:00-10:30 ET)

Moderator: Andreas Günther – Director, RLS-NYC
Katrina van den Heuvel – Editorial Director, The Nation
John Feffer – Director of Foreign Policy in Focus, Institute for Policy Studies
Mariam Malik – Foreign Policy Associate, Congressional Progressive Caucus Center

Progressive New Deal – Foreign Policy Implications (10:45-12:15 ET)

Moderator: Aaron Eisenberg – Project Manager, RLS-NYC
Stefan Liebich – German Member of Parilament, Die Linke
Cindy Wiesner – Executive Director, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Adrien Salazar – Climate Campaign Strategist

Rebuilding Multilateralism – Fair International Organizations for a Multipolar World (12:45-2:15 ET)

Moderator: Lindsay Koshgarian – Program Director, National Priorities Project, Institute for Policy Studies
Barbara Adams – Chair of the Executive Board, Global Policy Forum
Phyllis Bennis – Director of the New Internationalism Project, Institute for Policy Studies
Jessica Lee – Senior Research Fellow, East Asia Program, Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft
Helmut Scholz – Member of the European Parliament