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Past Events


Mar. 2021

Multilateralism and the Biden Administration

John Feffer

Dec. 2020

Sex Work Through NYC’s Pandemics


Dec. 2020

Invisible: Sex Work and Mutual Aid During COVID-19

Molly Simmons

Dec. 2020

How Germany Failed Sex Workers

Liad Hussein Kantorowicz

Dec. 2020

Fighting for Money and Dignity: Sex Work in Berlin


Oct. 2020

Toward a Progressive Democratic Party

Moritz Wichmann

Aug. 2019

Socialism Reignited in America

Moritz Wichmann

June 2019

Vox: A New Far Right in Spain?

Vicente Rubio-Pueyo

June 2018

The Far Right in Government: Six Cases From Across Europe

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - New York

Mar. 2018

Left Democrats in Search of Anti-Trump Strategy

Albert Scharenberg

Dec. 2017

Municipalism in Spain: From Barcelona to Madrid, and Beyond

Vicente Rubio-Pueyo

Aug. 2017

Just Mobility: Post-Fossil Conversion and Free Public Transport

Michael Brie


Aug. 2017

“Carrying On” in Uncertain Times

Michael Brie

Nov. 2016

Donald Trump and the Rise of the Nationalist Right

Connor Kilpatrick, Lester K. Spence, Liza Featherstone and Ethan Young

Oct. 2016

Crashing the Party: Democrats, Republicans, and the Crisis of U.S. Politics

John Nichols

Apr. 2016

Mapping the European Left: Socialist Parties in the EU

Dominic Heilig

Jan. 2016

A Love-Hate Relationship: Far-right parties and the European Union

Thilo Janssen

Nov. 2015

Growing From the Concrete: Left Electoral Politics in the United States

Ethan Young

May 2015

Austerity Urbanism: The Neoliberal Crisis of American Cities

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - New York

Feb. 2015

Casting Shadows

Kali Akuno

Jan. 2015

Energy Democracy in Greece: SYRIZA’s Program and the Transition to Renewable Power

Sean Sweeney

Jan. 2015

TPP and TTIP: Partners in Crime

Mike Dolan

Sep. 2014

Mapping Socialist Strategies: Reporting Back and Moving Forward

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - New York

Aug. 2014

Who Cares? A Feminist Critique of the Care Economy

Nancy Folbre

July 2014

Coming in from the Cold: The Black German Experience, Past and Present

Marion Kraft

May 2014

In Whose Name? A Critical View on the Responsibility to Protect

Lou Pingeot, Wolfgang Obenland

Apr. 2014

Democracy Disregarded: How the Decay of Meaningful Elections Drives Inequality and Injustice

John Nichols

Apr. 2014

Project of the Powerful: TTIP-Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Ulrike Herrmann

Apr. 2014

Racism Within the Greek State Apparatus

Dimitris Christopoulos

Feb. 2014

The Parties of the European Left: An Analysis in View of the European Elections

Thilo Janssen

Feb. 2014

Self Determination, Not Termination: Past, Present, and Future of the American Indian Movement

Walter Echo-Hawk

Dec. 2013

Polylux Marx: A “Capital” Workbook in Slides

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - New York

Oct. 2013

More Than Just A Game: Champions for Justice in U.S. Sports

Dave Zirin

Sep. 2013

The Finance-Dominated Regime of Accumulation and the Crisis in Europe

Alex Demirović and Thomas Sablowski

Sep. 2013

After Eight Years of Merkel: The Political Climate in Germany Before the Election

Cornelia Hildebrandt, Horst Kahrs and Harald Pätzolt

July 2013

Lift the Load of Poverty: Fighting for Black Equality in the Age of Obama

James Jennings

Apr. 2013

Green Transformation

Mario Candeias

Feb. 2013

Death of a Yuppie Dream: The Rise and Fall of the Professional-Managerial Class

Barbara Ehrenreich and John Ehrenreich

Jan. 2013

From Special Interest to Social Transformation? The LGBT Movement in the United States

Dawne Moon

Jan. 2013

Alternatives to War

Andreas Buro

Dec. 2012

Teachers on Strike: Lessons from Chicago on How to Fight Back

Ethan Young

Dec. 2012

The Value of Diversity: Canada’s Immigration and Integration Regime

Oliver Schmidtke

Nov. 2012

A Brief History of Occupy Wall Street

Ethan Earle

Oct. 2012

Mapping the Left: Progressive Politics in the United States

Ethan Young

Oct. 2012

Legitimate Rape, Sluts and Feminazis: The Republican War on Women

Laura Flanders

Sep. 2012

To Begin the World Over Again

John Nichols

Sep. 2012

Left Turn in Canada?

Murray Cooke and Dennis Pilon

Sep. 2012

The Shape of Equality: An Overview of the U.S. Women’s Movement

Heidi Hartmann and Martha Burk

Sep. 2012

The State of Unions in the US

Sean Sweeney

Sep. 2012

An Inside Look at Die Linke

Cornelia Hildebrandt

Sep. 2012

Steal the Vote: Voter Suppression in the Twenty-first Century

Jamie P. Hare

Sep. 2012

How a Socialization of the Banking System Might Look

Alex Troost

Aug. 2012

Is the World Going Bankrupt?

Stephan Kaufmann

July 2012

Obama, Romney and the Fight for the White House

Ethan Young

June 2012

Beautiful Green World

Ulrich Brand

Feb. 2012

Alabama’s Shame: HB 56 and the War on Immigrants

Mary Bauer

Sep. 2010

From Revolution to Coalition: Radical Left Parties in Europe

Birgit Daiber, Cornelia Hildebrandt & Anna Striethorst

Dec. 2009

The Left in Europe

Cornelia Hildebrandt and Birgit Daiber

die linke

Dec. 2008

The Left Party in Germany: Origins, Aims and Expectations

Michael Brie