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Global Solidarity

Demystifying Degrowth

Jamie Tyberg and Erica Jung

No longer confined to the realms of academia and bad-faith strawman arguments, Demystifying Degrowth will welcome a whole new generation of degrowthers to the movement. Tyberg and Jung clarify what degrowth is, what it isn’t, and provide a framework for conversations about degrowth. Fulfilling a much needed need, Tyberg and Jung set the record straight on degrowth in an accessible and welcoming way.

Sep. 2021

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Climate Justice

Fighting the climate crisis is a political, social, cultural, economic and environmental issues

Global Solidarity

Connecting struggles for social and political emancipation worldwide

Transatlantic Left Voices

Building a dialogue between progressives in North America and Europe

History from Below

Analyzing history through a Leftist lens

United Nations

Enabling access for the underrepresented

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The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung is an internationally operating, progressive non-profit institution for civic education. Active since 1990, the foundation works to promote democratic and social participation, empowerment of disadvantaged groups, alternatives for economic and social development, conflict prevention, and peaceful conflict resolution. Its international activities aim to provide civic education through academic analyses, public programs, and projects conducted together with partner institutions. The foundation has established 17 regional offices around the world. Learn More