16 Apr. 2024

Transformative Initiatives to Confront Environmental Harm

How Indigenous women advocate for climate justice

A UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Side Event

Over the decades, global movements for human rights have made gains in legal and policy arenas, from the national to the international level. Yet, we know that for such victories to be meaningful for communities worldwide, they must move from paper to practice. Now, as governments and international courts debate their approaches to climate change and environmental harms, how can we ensure that the policies and laws they create are informed by the priorities of people and movements and implemented justly and effectively at the local level?

Indigenous Peoples, particularly Indigenous women confronting climate catastrophe on the front line have vital strategies to offer. They have organized for the inclusion of Indigenous customs, traditions, rules, and legal systems in national and international governance, centering their profound relationship with and expertise as stewards of lands, territories, and resources. This event explores young feminist and Indigenous peace builders’ strategies to advocate for climate justice, bridging movement, policy,and legal venues to shape lasting change.

English-Spanish interpretation provided.