November 1, 2022

Systemic Transformation Needs for a Global Just Transition: Climate Justice in the US

This virtual event, co-organized by RLS New York and Geneva offices, focused on how Just Transition and Climate Justice are intersecting in the United States.

A lot international climate attention this year has focused on the U.S. As the world’s largest historical emitter and global hegemon, this makes sense, especially as the US’s climate policy has shifted dramatically this year.

Aaron Eisenberg, RLS-NYC project manager, talked with Dharna Noor, climate reporter of the Boston Globe, to understand the shifting terrains in the U.S. post West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency at the Supreme Court (the case related to the Clean Air Act and the ability of EPA to regulate carbon dioxide emissions), and the largest climate bill ever passed in the US, the Investment Recovery Act or IRA, passed this summer.

In the lead up to COP 27, this conversation helped us understand what the US climate politics mean both domestically and internationally, and what we should look for in understanding U.S. climate politics on a global stage.