September 14, 2021

Demystifying Degrowth

Jamie Tyberg and Erica Jung

What is Degrowth?

“Degrowth is a new vocabulary and a movement,” explain Jamie Tyberg and Erica Jung in Demystifying Degrowth, a new pamphlet designed by the Spumoni Cooperative for Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung NYC.

No longer confined to the realms of academia and bad-faith strawman arguments, Demystifying Degrowth welcomes a new generation of degrowthers to the movement. Tyberg and Jung clarify what degrowth is, what it isn’t, and provide a framework for conversations about degrowth while setting the record straight on degrowth in an accessible and welcoming way.

This piece follows Tyberg’s previous piece for RLS-NYC Unlearning: From Degrowth to Decolonization and precedes a forthcoming piece by Tyberg and Jung on Degrowth, Organization, and Revolution later this fall for RLS-NYC.

Additionally, a forthcoming video of Demystifying Degrowth will come later this year as well. Enjoy.