25 Mar. 2021

Right to Mobility Against Racism

This webinar is part of a series looking at the intersections of racial, economic and environmental justice through the lens of public transportation and mobility. The series is jointly organized between the Sao Paulo, Brussels and New York Offices of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. The next webinar will be April 22, 2021.

Urban communities rely on public transportation as a way of life. But in times of deep austerity, public transportation faces the most extreme budget cuts. In turn, reduced public support results in higher fares for commuters, the effects lands hardest on poor, working class communities of color.  These communities are often having to pay more for transit, but also suffer from encounters with the police when they fail to pay the fare.

This webinar “Right to Mobility against Racism” will examine case studies of movements for “fair” and free fares across North America, South America and Europe, with a special focus on how cities can build better models of mobility inclusion of racial and spatial justice.


  • Paíque Duques Santarém (Brazil), member, MPL Brazil
  • Marian Jones (USA) Transportation Alternatives
  • Anna Nygård, (Sweden) Planka.nu
  • Debipriya Chatterjee (USA), Community Service Society
  • Katarine Flor, Moderator (Brazil) RLS- Sao Paulo

English and Portguese Interpretation Available