14 Jun. 2023

The Bridgetown Initiative – Fit to Finance Climate Justice?

The Bridgetown Initiative (BI) has gained significant traction since its proposal at COP27. Developed through the leadership of Barbados government, it represents an innovative proposal to deal with some of the critical problems with climate finance.

What outcomes does the BI seek to achieve? How does it align with longstanding demands of climate and social justice movements? If you are attending the UNFCC SB58 in Bonn, join us for this panel discussion.

Read our recent analysis of the Bridgetown Initiative here.

Watch the recording of this event below:

WHEN: Wednesday, June 14, 4:15 – 5:30 CEST

WHERE: Bonn Room, World Conference Center, Bonn, Germany


  • Representative of the Barbados government (TBC)
  • Bodo Ellmers (Global Policy Forum)
  • Tetet Lauron (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung)
  • Emilia Reyes (Equidad de Género: Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia)
  • Adrián Martínez Blanco (La Ruta del Clima)
  • Gaya Sriskanthan (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung)
Read our analysis of the Bridgetown Initiative here