June 8, 2022

Solidarity Cities: Learning from Housing Movements in Barcelona and NYC

In New York City and Barcelona, collective calls for rent cancellation and expanded social housing have now turned into a movement against evictions, as many tenants continue to reel from the economic impact of the pandemic.

The Plataforma de Afectadas por la Hipoteca (PAH) (the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages) in particular has instigated a shift in terms of viewing housing as an inalienable human right and demonstrated the strength of collective action in the pursuit of greater social justice. It has shown that there are ways of making the personal political, and transforming struggles based initially on personal dramas into large, organized movements that challenge the authorities and wider society.

In April 2022, a delegation of members of the PAH were in the New York City area to exchange critical lessons with housing activists based on the recently produced La PAH: A Handbook.This manual describes the essence of PAH and pays tribute to the platform’s history and efforts to obtain decent housing for all, targeting an international audi­ence that views its achievements as a ray of hope.

View photos from the delegation’s visit here.

Listen to the podcast from the delegation’s New York City visit: “Spring 2022 Grassroots Special: Lessons for Collective Action from La PAH’s Fight for Housing Rights.”

Members of the Delegation

Santiago Mas De Xaxas Faus
João França
Delia Ccerare Paniora