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Only People Power Can Save the Climate

If COP27 is to deliver what our planet needs, the capitalist agenda must be disrupted, including the call that Global North countries pay their climate debt and deliver their fair share of climate action.

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Climate Justice

Paris Is Burning

With Trump’s decision to formally withdraw from the Paris Agreement, he has put an end to months of apparent indecision. This withdrawal does not dissolve the agreement, which still includes nearly every nation on the planet, but it is hard to imagine how an already weak agreement can be expected to slow—not to mention reverse—greenhouse […]

Climate Justice

Carbon Markets After Paris: Trading in Trouble

Since the early 1990s, “putting a price on carbon” has been, perhaps, the primary policy proposal for fighting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Whether through carbon taxes or cap-and-trade emissions trading schemes (ETS), proponents of carbon pricing see it as a way to guide investment toward green solutions without the need for governments […]

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