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Tesla’s Power Games: Unionizing and (Just) Transition in the Automotive Industry in Germany and the US

Introducing a publication written by Dr. Johannes Schulten and Jörn Boewe, supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s Geneva Office, which asserts the global transformation of the automotive industry. The English translation of the publication will be released soon. The automotive industry plays a pivotal role in the intersection of climate change, industrial policy and labor […]

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Global Solidarity

Organizing Big Tech

Tech trades on its novelty to tell us that it is a sector that we outsiders simply can’t understand. Its lack of unions is explained as a condition of that novelty, rather than a strategy for worker control that dates back before Fordism. Tech workers are told they are not workers at all, but it is precisely the breadth of these companies that proves this is a lie: after all, warehouse workers and autoworkers have long been unionized, and they too fall within the umbrella of “tech” these days.

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