January 31, 2021

On the Precipice: A Progressive Agenda in the Biden Era

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - New York

On the eve of the inauguration of Joe Biden, we at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – New York commissioned a series of reports on key political issues. We wanted to hear how experts feel the Biden administration might address these issues and better understand how receptive the incoming administration is to a progressive agenda, and know on what issues progressives will have to continue to put pressure. You can read the complete series below.

On the Precipice: A Progressive Agenda in the Biden Era

Bidenfreude: COVID-19 in Post-Trump U.S.
Rob Wallace

Pushing Biden to Address the U.S.’ Housing Crisis
Oksana Mironova

The High Stakes of Defending Public Education
Ujju Aggarwal

Class Struggle and Solidarity: What Labor Still Needs Under Biden

Kari Thompson

Demand Everything: Joe Biden and the Portal to a Green New Deal

Adrien Salazar

How to Design and Pay for a Green New Deal: Modern Monetary Theory Insights for the Biden Administration
Fadhel Kaboub

Hopes for New Beginnings on U.S. Trade Policy

Karen Hansen Kuhn

More Military Money, More Problems
Ashik Siddique

U.S.-China: Progressive Internationalist Strategy Under Biden
Tobita Chow and Jake Werner

A Delicate Balance: The US-Russia Relationship Under Biden
David Klion

The Biden Administration and Trump’s Ashes: A UN Phoenix?

Thomas G. Weiss

Biden’s Nuclear Agenda
Joseph Gerson

The Changing Same: Biden and the False Promise of a “Return to Normalcy”
Kali Akuno