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Climate Justice

Video: A Night of Degrowth

On January 20, 2022, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung along with the Spumoni Cooperative, Jamie Tyberg and Erica Jung, presented a Night of Degrowth discussing where Degrowth stands at the beginning of 2022, and presenting their work from 2021 on the topic.

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Climate Justice Degrowth video still

Demystifying Degrowth Animated Video

“Degrowth is a new vocabulary and a movement,” explain Jamie Tyberg and Erica Jung in Demystifying Degrowth a new animated video for Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung NYC office narrated by Fariha Róisín, edited by Aaron Eisenberg, narrated by the Spumoni Cooperative (Emily Bernstein, Warren Heller, and Annie Xing Zho), and Scored by Cody Fitzgerald and Warren Heller. This video accompanies Tyberg and Jung’s previous pamphlet by the same name:

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Climate Justice

Degrowth and Revolutionary Organizing

Degrowth organizers must stay grounded in the goals of abolishing the growth-industrial complex, made up of prisons and structures of monopoly finance capital that commandeer the global capitalist economy. To do so as effectively as possible, we must commit to an organization—the prerequisite to collective struggle and collective learning, and to a degrowth world.

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Global Solidarity

Demystifying Degrowth

No longer confined to the realms of academia and bad-faith strawman arguments, Demystifying Degrowth will welcome a whole new generation of degrowthers to the movement. Tyberg and Jung clarify what degrowth is, what it isn’t, and provide a framework for conversations about degrowth. Fulfilling a much needed need, Tyberg and Jung set the record straight on degrowth in an accessible and welcoming way.

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Global Solidarity unlearning: from degrowth to decolonization

Video—Unlearning: From Degrowth to Decolonization

A conversation between Jamie Tyberg, Bilphena Yahwon, and Kazembe Balagun about degrowth and decolonization.

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