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Myths and Facts about the War in Ukraine

The Russian invasion must prompt the Left to re-think its geopolitical assumptions.

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Global Solidarity

Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

Statement from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation The unthinkable has happened. There is war in Europe. Russia’s President Putin ordered an attack on Ukraine. We condemn the attack, which contravenes international law, and demand the immediate cessation of all hostilities and the withdrawal of Russian troops. The war must end — there is no justification for […]

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Global Solidarity

On the Precipice: A Progressive Agenda in the Biden Era

On the eve of the inauguration of Joe Biden, we at Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – New York commissioned a series of reports on key political issues. We wanted to hear how experts feel the Biden administration might address these issues and better understand how receptive the incoming administration is to a progressive agenda, and know on what issues progressives will have to continue to put pressure. You can read the complete series below.

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A Delicate Balance: The U.S.-Russia Relationship Under Biden

This article is part of our series “On the Precipice: A Progressive Agenda in the Biden Era.” Download a PDF of the full series here. Throughout the Trump years, the specter of Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, has haunted the American political discourse. In the aftermath of Russia’s well-documented interference campaign in the 2016 election—which […]

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